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Education in the past was implied as a process of filling the mind with information  known as a ‘banking process’ in which a teachers becomes depositors and the students deposit. The term ‘education’ has been conceived differently in accordance  with the philosophy of life that the thinkers hold, as granted from Eklavya to  Gandhi and Socrates to Dewey. It has a wide connotation. However, the  postmodern context regards education as a process of enquiry and therefore, has a  plea for the greater consideration of students so that they may develop themselves  into effective and adjusted personalities. That is, educational environment should  entirely focus to help them to mature not only intellectually, but physically,  emotionally, socially, and spiritually, as well. Teachers are not understood as strict disciplinarian, merely to teach students to read and write, and to do math and physics, they are supposed to set up dynamic objectives in assisting students in performing their task successfully through mutual interaction.

We believe that, education should enable the students to solve their own problems, execute their own tasks, and plan their own lives in accordance to the quest of their self and social fidelity. Concerning to this end of education, Diploma in technical Education has been a proven track that leads not only to pursue higher education, but also enable the students making sufficiently self-supported. In the midst of global challenges and competition, the only matter concerned is of quality and educational excellence. We are aware that educational success is largely linked to the methods and approaches along with suitable and student friendly environment retained in the delivery processes. KIT therefore, admires the essence of education that helps students to socialize with attitudes and habits conducive to the constant advancement of technology and equally sincere and competent enough to foster the students. KIT further expresses its dedication and commitment to achieving excellence in putting more concerted effort to this end in the days to come.

I wish you all the students at KIT for your academic success and hope for better interaction in the coming days.

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