The Architecture Department provides complete design and drawing facilities to each student. The students have the opportunity to gain competence in both hand-drawing and computer graphics to enable them to excel in the competitive commercial world.

The course in this program includes academic and practical classes with emphasis on individualized instruction and supervision. Field trips, site visits, and exposure to visiting professors and practicing architects and engineers from different backgrounds broaden the students’ understanding and experience. A full semester of practical work in an architect’s office helps to prepare the student for the real world of professional work.

After completion of this course a student will able to do drawing and data presentation chart, supervision for construction of house, employment areas exist in various department of government office, physical planning, municipalities, engineering and architecture consultancy firm.

First Semester

Nepali I
English I
Engineering Mathematics I
Engineering Physics I
Engineering Chemistry I
Engineering Drawing I
Workshop I
Tracing and Visualization I
Graphics and Presentation I

Second Semester

Nepali II
English II
Engineering Mathematics II
Engineering Physics II
Engineering Chemistry II
Engineering Drawing II
Workshop II
Building Construction I
Graphics and Presentation II

Third Semester

Computer Application I
Engineering Mathematics III
surveying I
Graphics and Presentation III
Perspective I
Measured Drawing
Building Material
Building Construction II
Building Design I

Fourth Semester

Surveying II
Architectural Model Making I
Perspective II
Computer Application II
Building Material II
Building Construction III
Building Design II
Working Drawing I

Fifth Semester

Communication I
Social Studies
Workshop Practice II (Plum)
Architectural Model Making II
Elementary Structures I
Building Construction IV
Building Design III
Working Drawing II

Sixth Semester

Communication II
Workshop Practice IV
Construction Management
Elementary Structures II
Site Supervision
Building Services
Quantity Surveying and Sepc.
Building Design IV
Working Drawing III

Student Viedo Testimonial

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